While 'Non Fungible Tokens' are spreading themselves across the digital world like a wildfire, ignited by the blockchain and burning away the old economic system of Planet Earth, preparing us for the Metaverse.

We are using NFT's to plant lots of trees and purchase carbon offsets to help prevent real world wildfires from manifesting. 🔥🔥🔥

Due to the currently energy intensive nature of the Ethereum blockchain… we have decided to accept only the more sustainable 'polygon' as payment which not only reduces gas fees but also reduces greenhouse gasses entering our atmosphere, we will additionally be purchasing 66 tonnes of CO2 offsets and planting 6666 trees for every transaction of our NFT Artwork! 🔥❤️

This NFT was uniquely created using a DSLR camera on the bulb setting and a photography technique called ICM (intentional camera movement) to paint with light. This unique NFT makes for a stunning, energetic mobile and desktop background. (Available in high resolution upon purchase of NFT)


The full size/resolution images for mobile and desktop backgrounds will become available upon purchase of the NFT.