Now Funding Trees is a hub for NFT projects which help to heal our connection with the earth.

We understand that the blockchain can be quite energy intensive and produce a lot of carbon, hence we prefer to support NFT projects on blockchains which use the 'Proof of Stake' consensus algorithm.

According to Digiconomist a single Ethereum transaction can produce a carbon footprint of 33.4kg CO2! 

Artist and programmer Memo Akten estimates that an average Ethereum transaction specifically for NFT's has a carbon footprint of about 48kg CO2!

But there is an alternative (Polygon!)

Which enables far more sustainable 'gas free' transactions.

Now to put into perspective just how energy intensive the Etherum Network really is please see the graph below which shows that if the Etherum blockchain was a country its current annual emissions would be higher than that of many entire countries! Click on the graph to learn more.